Regional Coverage


Africa is a continent of over 1.3 billion people, and includes many of the fastest growing national economies on earth. The African Continent Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) has brought the entire continent together into one common market: the largest by geography and population (by 2023, when the population will surpass China). Our team based in many African countries creates market intelligence, and locates business partners / buyers across Africa; helping firms to reach their goals in a quickly changing global market.

GSGP Africa Trade Office provides business development services across the continent of Africa. Staff and contractors are located in fourteen countries and can complete work in most of Africa’s 54 countries.

The youthful entrepreneurial African middle class is growing significantly, allowing for many opportunities across a range of consumer, industrial and resource sectors. By the year 2050, projections are that most of the world’s new working age labor force will be in Africa.  A growing middle class is creating the dynamic for growth in a large range of business sectors.

Sectors such as agricultural machinery and technology, aviation, healthcare devices and consumables, education, food processing, information technologies, mining and construction equipment, infrastructure, manufacturing machinery, and technology in the chemicals and petroleum sectors have high potential across Africa’s quickly growing economies.  Many of our team have specialty backgrounds in high potential sectors.